Hi, I'm Davide! 👋

I'm an experienced product leader (10+ yrs) with a passion for building products that help businesses thrive, both as entrepreneur and within larger organizations. After leading teams at Facebook and Pinterest, I'm currently a director of product management at Coinbase.

  • Learn about my professional history on LinkedIn.
  • You can read my current thoughts on Twitter.
  • Check out my NFT collection on Gallery.
  • You contact me at davidedicillo.com.


I invest in early-stage/pre-seed and Series A startups, with a preference for b2b and professional tools. Some of my investments include: Creolabs, Tuned, Parsagon, ModernLoop.


When I'm not working or riding my bicycle, I like to build simple tools to scratch my own needs.

  • NextDrop: a calendar of all the upcoming NFT drops.
  • ListLinks: a simple app to create list of links.